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Blessing Covenant

We Provide Charity
Service Since 2008

“And I will make my covenant between me and thee, and will multiply thee exceedingly.” Genesis 9 vs. 9 KJV

Covenants between God and man have been established since the beginning of time. His great, unwavering love and His desire to be in union with His creation constantly call to life the establishment of covenants between Him and mankind.

With over 200 mentions in the Bible, the concept of covenants is not alien nor, contrary to what some people believe, irrelevant to the 21st Century Christian. It is an opportunity for humanity to fuse with divinity in an agreement that will not only transform your spiritual but also, your physical life.

Consistent to the Bible, every covenant was sealed with an altar; a place where men would put their sacrifices to God who, in return and in honour of the covenant, released a blessing. God is still in the business of entering into covenants with mankind and true to His nature and character; His promises never lie.

And in the same manner, a lifetime opportunity has been made available for you! God, through His mouthpiece; Emmanuel Makandiwa has accorded you the chance to enter into a paradigm-shifting and life-transforming Blessing Covenant Week; seven days of erecting altars that will forever stand as monuments attesting to your blessing for generations and generations.

So why miss this lifetime opportunity? Make a date with Emmanuel Makandiwa for the Blessing Covenant Week

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Other Things we are Involved in...

Charity For Education

We believe in academically empowering the current and the future young generation

Food for hungry child

Driven by our altruistic concern for the less privileged children, we freely give food aid to orphanages

Homes for homeless

We are committed to providing shelter for orphans, widows and those in dire need.


We are an extension of God’s love; financially responsible for the welfare of some orphanages


We allow God’s love to flow through us in form of donations to correctional facilities and villages


We preach Jesus Christ’s gospel of love not just in words but also through philanthropic deeds