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Blessing Covenant Day 2

Day Two Updates

“And I’m glad to come your way again and to continue elaborating and helping you to understand the will of God concerning your position; concerning your prosperity; concerning your health; concerning the affairs of your family” – Emmanuel Makandiwa.

Indeed, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa – through the Blessing Covenant Week – has introduced a new dimension and dispensation that has ushered the people following the Blessing Covenant Week program into a new way of life.

Addressing millions of people that were watching live on Christ TV and via live stream through social media platforms, the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa delved into scriptures and began to explain the mind of God on the second day of the Blessing Covenant Week.

Using biblical reference to the story of the building of the ark by Noah and the construction of God’s Temple by Moses, the man of God assured the audience that the concept of the Blessing Covenant Week program can be related to the Bible; it is something that God has introduced before through His servants. And in the same manner that God spoke to Moses and Noah to instruct people to be part of a project, God also spoke to him about this program; the Blessing Covenant Week and instructed Him to call on people who can support the program.

“When God favours you, when God chooses you; what He gives you is an instruction,” said the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa as he was explaining on how an instruction from God is a sure sign of favour from Him.

He went on to explain that obeying and following instructions from God can save one from impending disasters and also how sacrifices can move God to release a blessing and do something for the person who would have sacrificed. Anchoring also on other profound biblical truths, the man of God Emmanuel Makandiwa called upon people into to wait until the end of the program to sow seeds but to start right away and attract a blessing from God.

The Blessing Covenant Week is running with three causes and the collective target of all the three projects, which was also released on the second day of the conference, is pegged at 16 Million USD and this has got a huge response from people all over the world. Numerous donations were received from different countries all over the world and the momentum is building up day by day.

Blessing Covenant

The True Definition Of Salvation

Divine wisdom and knowledge flowed through God’s servant; Emmanuel Makandiwa during his live the teaching on the second day of the Blessing Covenant Week as he cleared a common misconception about the defining element of Christianity in a very profound way.

Full of grace, the man of God brought to light the true meaning of Salvation in Jesus Christ and how one can access eternal Life. “The problem with Christians is that they gave their lives to Christ. That is the problem! ‘Show me a scripture in the Bible that asks you to bring your life to Him” said the man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa as he began to elaborate on this outstanding divine revelation.

He went on to explain that most Christians had the wrong mindset concerning Salvation and he even admitted himself that he also used to perceive Salvation in the wrong way before he got this revelation from God that transformed his way of thinking and made him to see the real truth.

“You don’t become a Christian by giving your life to Christ. You become a Christian by receiving His (Jesus) Life!’

The man of God; Emmanuel Makandiwa further on added that as humans, we don’t have a life to offer to God because the Bible says that we were dead in our sins therefore we are the ones to receive Life from Christ, not us surrendering our lives, which we claim we have, to him.

“There is only one Life that was given and when we come, as dead as we were; we come to receive Life”

The man of God urged the millions of people that were watching him live on Christ TV and via live streaming on social media platforms that they had to reflect on their Salvation, correct this misconception and receive the Life of Jesus Christ.

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